Staff are fantastic. Lots of activities. My daughter loves the baking. She is learning lots of songs and improving her letters and numbers. Great, thank you. Ms Serena

Both my children have settled in well. Love the activities. The value for money is excellent. Ann

Our twins attend this day nursery. They have been there for the last 6 months, and we are happy with the management, the safety of the environment and our Children’s educational development.

As most parents would understand, one of the most important factors when deciding on a nursery is the safety and wellbeing of your child. The twins used to attend another nursery in Foresthill/Brockley and believe me we did not have that feeling of safety and wellbeing!

Hats off to all of the staff!

Mr Yavuz

Great nursery. My little one has been to two in the area before Monkey Puzzle and simply hated it. Third time lucky I guess – he’s always sad to see me pick him up! The staff are really attentive and clearly enjoy what they do which is the most important factor for me. Would recommend! Mr Levent

My child has been very happy since joining a few months ago, the staff have been very helpful and attentive

Mr Matharu

Very nice and friendly staff, attending to children needs quickly. The nursery seems well run, children are happy and want to come back. The nursery helped us enormously with potty training. The room my children are in is big, spacious, has sinks and toilet facilities which is very lovely. The only room the facility lacks is a sleep room for pre-schoolers who still take day time naps. The room should be quiet away from the main room.

Miss D.L

My child thoroughly enjoys the nursery and enjoys the games and crafts. I feel that the teaching at the nursery is of a good standard and he is in line with his peers. I would like to have a better understanding of the lessons and teaching methods. The food and snacks are of a high quality and are plentiful. My sons allergies are catered for and the team are active if they feel that he reacts to ingredients.  Mrs Bambridge

My son has only been attending this nursery for a week but from the first settling in session until now, there has been no problems and the nursery staff have been outstanding in their approach towards my son making him feel settled and comfortable, he is always smiling when I pick him up and doesn’t want to leave he enjoys it so much! It is a brilliant nursery and I’m so glad I have found a nursery where I feel comfortable leaving my son there and happy knowing he will always be well looked after there. The meals are always varied and healthy and everything is recorded down in the daily diary from nappy changes, sleeps, bottles, meals to what he has done in the day. It is brilliant. The staff are always so friendly, bubbly and welcoming. I can’t fault the nursery, it is just a lovely, friendly nursery! Ms Darwish

Since my children started attending Monkey Puzzle they have developed even better in their communication and social skills. My son has a speech and language delay and I have seen massive improvements in his speech and confidence. They enjoy having a place to play and learn outside of home that feels safe and I would recommend Monkey Puzzle Catford to anyone. Miss Farah W C

I just wanted to follow up on my nursery tour yesterday. I was really impressed by the nursery and would like to put my daughter’s name down for a place for 2 full days a week. Just to feedback that I really appreciated Deborah’s time and knowledge yesterday. I also thought it was lovely to see how well engaged by the staff the children were in all of the rooms. Ms Fishel

I just wanted to send a quick email to say a big thank you to Maria- Rielle’s key worker and all the staff in the toddler room upstairs. They have been working with Rielle and us to get her toilet trained and I’m really impressed with her progress so far! Rielle is confidently using the toilet at home much more and her nappies at night have even been dry!!!

She’s still in progress but I just thought it would be nice for all the staffs hard work to be acknowledged. We appreciate all their efforts! 🙂


My daughter has attended Monkey Puzzle since the Nursery opened. She has learnt so much over the last 2 years and her confidence has increased dramatically!She has made some really strong bonds with the staff, in particular her key workers and I have found the Nursery has made a real effort over the last year to build strong relationships with the parent’s. As this is my first experience of a Nursery, I am very impressed & would definatley recommend! Miss Francis

My Son has been attending Monkey Puzzle nursery in Catford for just under a year now and even though there has been a change in management during this time frame, the care and attitude towards the children has been brilliant. This nursery has helped my son to develop to his full potential in a way that is suited to him, and he has been allowed to blossom here, where in other nurseries he may not have been. He is always learning new things and the daily routine and activities he takes part in every day (especially the arts & crafts!) have greatly aided his development. He is always well cared for and looked after, and if there has been an incident or problem during the day such as falling over, or not eating a meal etc., I have always been notified. I feel that this nursery is helping to prepare him successfully for the future when going on from nursery to school and beyond. Overall, a good quality nursery.  Mrs Coetzer