News round up

November 17th – We had lots of fun for Children In Need. We had a Pudsey Picnic with all our friends and ate lots of yummy food. We also baked lots of yummy cakes to sell. All in all the day was amazing and the children enjoyed dancing with Pudsey the Bear. We raised £30.00 for children in need.

November 26th – Toddlers had lots of fun doing feet painting today. They used their feet to engage in sensory experiences and developed on there physical skills. They also discussed the different colours they used.

Decemebr 10th – Today the babies had lots of fun doing free painting. They used there hands to explore the feeling of the paint.

December 14th – The Tweenies room enjoyed decorating their reindeer and bells for the Christmas tree. The children will take their decorated reindeer home and the bells will hang from the Christmas tree in the Tweenie room. This activity encourages the children to develop their sensory skills and show control in holding objects with their hands.